#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas is a time to be merry, joyous and of course it’s all about giving.” Damilola Shote

Damilola Shote

Damilola Shote’s entry is just beautiful. We love the acronym she created for Christmas. We know you’d love this one too. 


Christmas dawns on me when we hit the last day in November into the first day of December. There are so many memories that come to my mind when I see musical Christmas lights as well as decor in green, white and of course red….as they say Jesus is the reason for the season.

Christmas is a time to be merry, joyous and of course it’s all about giving. I remember my mum used to buy my Christmas oversized outfits from August and kept till December because I grew too fast so it was better to have them oversized and wear perfectly when the occasions came than have them too tight and small to cause a commotion.

Oh I loved Christmas!  It meant so much having to spend closely knitted times with my family, going to the amusement parks or holiday trips which would certainly not exclude visiting Santa-clause as a child. Christmas was merrier when we come out tops in class before the holidays; we definitely knew that the treat will be over dose.

Christmas isn’t just a time to be merry alone but also a reflection in appreciation of God’s faithfulness through the whole year in anticipation of the coming one. The splendour of the atmosphere to wine and dine with lots of fun I always anticipate, oh Christmas I do love Christmas.

Cheerfully He Rose Indeed and Saw The Moment As our Saving grace (C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S) that is what it means to me Oh yes I do really love Christmas!

About Damilola Shote

Damilola Ayomide Shote is the Editorial Assistant for Exquisite magazine. A mixologist and CEO of MzTik’ cocktails. An extrovert to the core, strong willed, determined, humble and fun. I am also a budding MC/Host and plus size model, also a creative crafts-person in making bridal accessories. Future wife and mother to an amazing spouse and adorable kids.


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