#WriterSpotlight – “Writing allows me immerse myself in a world I have created.” Kayode Adegunloye


Hello Sparkle Writers! Our guest on today’s #WriterSpotlight series is Adegunloye Kayode, writer, blog consultant and  actor. Enjoy his interview with us.

Hello Kayode. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Adegunloye Kayode, I am a graduate of English and Literary Studies from one of the renowned Universities in the South Western part of the country. I am the first of three children and of course the only male child in my family…That makes me the small daddy. *funny*

Coming to terms with what I do could be really deep but then I currently have a whole lot on my hands no thanks to the fact that I am yet to get a full time job that I can proudly call my profession. So for now I serve as a Blog Consultant, Writer and I do a little bit of screen acting too.

How did your journey as a writer begin?

My journey as a writer began a few years back when I finished from the University. It took a long time before I got called up for the compulsory youth service and as luck would have it I was privileged to meet up with someone who was about starting up a full fledged weblog. Thereafter I told him I could just come in as one of the blog’s creative and technical writers which he obliged me without much ado. From there I wrote series of mind-blowing articles (without marking my own scripts though). I can proudly say I got several compliments from top personnel solely because of some of my write ups. After a few months I got the nod to open up my own personal space on the blog which I personally made ‘Edoyak’s Diary’ the moniker. I only had to spell my name ‘Kayode’ from the rear to get the space name. From that point I started cooking up fictional stories, title them and post on the page for all and sundry to read for their enjoyment and to educate themselves. Notably among those fiction were ‘Love Thrills’, ‘Princess of Gaza’ and so on.

What do you love most about writing?

Well, I tend to see writing as an art and personally I think what most arts do is to free the mind and allow you feel the world from a perspective that is quite different from others. But one other sweet thing I love about writing is that it allows me immerse myself in the world that I have created through my own little piece or one created by any other creative writer.

You are very talented when it comes to writing fiction and fantasy. How were you able to master this talent?

Yes, maybe it’s a talent and on the contrary maybe it’s really not. Whichever way it goes I want to accept that I do a whole lot of thinking most times and possibly because I do take part in stage dramas and corporate acting. I could always carve out my own piece of script writing even though I have not been privileged to write any film script at the moment, but I believe this has really helped me in being able to sit, think and think again and come up with an amazing fictional write up.


Where do you get inspiration from when you want to write a story?

Inspiration for me is more like a quick flash, I do get my inspiration from loads of things that I can’t even imagine. Sometimes from musicals (The soul ones mostly) and at times from the happenings in my environment. For me inspiration could come forth in any form and all I need do at that point is to pen something down as soon the flash comes.

How did you feel when one of your stories was published online for the first time?

I won’t even deny the fact that I felt really good to get my story published for the first time, I could vividly remember ‘So What happens Now?’ was my first story to be published and I was even more enthused when delightful reviews about the story started gracing my timeline. I must confess  it was a great feeling. Yes, it was.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

Everyone who is into one creative thing or the other wants to get accolades or at least get noticed for whatever it is they are doing. I think my dream is to be recognized among the top notch writers of this dispensation, especially as a decent fictional writer. Some awards would do too. Laughs.

Do you think you will ever retire from writing?

I don’t think so, It is something that is already a part of me. it gives me so much pleasure, I equally see writing as one of the few means through which I can widen my horizon and commune with the outside world. Of course I might end up as a thespian or even a lecturer someday but I am afraid no one would be strong enough to take writing away from me.

Aside from writing, what are your other hobbies?

Hmm…asides putting pen to paper I love watching football a great deal. It’s one of the few sports I love to watch and I play too sometimes to keep fit. I’ll like to quickly add that I love travels too and most times I do my trips with a witty book that I can learn a thing or two from. I wouldn’t know if it classifies as a hobby but those are the few things that keeps me grinding.

Any advice for other writers out there?

My stout advice to other writers both budding and established ones is to keep writing, It’s not something anybody can dabble into for the fun of it which makes it a bit distinct from all other facets. Therefore just keep writing something for people to read and learn…So It’s either you’re writing or you’re thinking about writing something. Thanks



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