#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas means carols, drama, songs and lots of dance.” Ekene May


Ekene May did justice to this piece. We love that she explained in detail what she does before, during and after Christmas.


Christmas meant carols, drama, songs and lots of dance. The rehearsals were even cooler, best moments to bond and laugh heartily with mates and instructor. The balloons and decorations and the Christmas trees, for once I thought I’d be an interior decorator because I was in charge.

The smell of freshly baked chin chin and the aroma of say 3 to 4 meals from our neighbors and 3 to 4 of our meals sent back in appreciation

The ‘Christmas dresses’ purchased in say September, it’s usually cheaper I was told plus one time I tried it over 10 times before the day and got it dirty of course. The hat and bag of the dresses must not be left out, else where would I keep my mint notes or how would I protect my face from the December sun.

The talk on all the places that we would visit and those we would see, especially people who were sure to give out some mints…forgive my repeated use of mints. It actually bought my first Oxford dictionary, 7th edition. Some  I gave my mom for safekeeping. It never came back though, because ‘I have been eating in that house’

Oooh, the fear of washing so many plates and being left behind when it’s time for ‘yawo’, so calculating before hand and washing twice just to miss it was very necessary and a smart move. The goat slaughter moment was sacred, no one must call me, no errands at all, I just needed to watch and concentrate on the slaughter process. I still can’t slaughter one cock. The bonfire nights were awesome, called them ‘washnight’ until I found out it was actually ‘watch night’ then much later ‘Christmas Eve’. Wash night used to be the summary of Christmas day, because almost everything happened on this day.

Christmas means…

Countdown with all the radio stations, especially ‘Wazobia FM’ and enjoy all the jingles including the one that says ‘ if u no get chicken make u manage kpomo’. Think about a few friends and call them, send others messages via social media, send BCs that you barely read yourself and prepare to watch a Christmas movie from Hallmark. No plans to go out, at all which means, sleep all through, cook some food, just for the family and a little more for some special friends of the family. Watch TV for carols and news on the celebration with hopes there won’t be any disaster

No outings at all but get invited to over 15 Christmas parties with over huge gate fees.

Church service in no hat and bag dress, just a nice outfit.

Black Fridays (which aren’t really dark or so low).

Still slaughter the goat perhaps or chicken or just do frozen turkey

No washnight per say, everything could just happen on Christmas day, no outing so no rush.

Christmas Eve means last hustle before Christmas day…for the hustle would continue almost immediately, say 27th?

Ekene May

I miss what Christmas MEANT to me but Christmas still means reaching out to people, the less privileged, showing them love and it’s still actually a time to give and to share. It’s a holiday season, a time to also rest. I still love Christmas, because it reminds of how much Nigerians need to take out time to rest their systems but they just wait until they’re forced to…by Christmas.

I love the green and red colours, the parties ,the dance and the gifts. Oh, I love the hampers more! The greeting cards still say so much. Santa Claus still looks cute, but the Nigerian Santa is just something else but I like him still, as long as he gives our children gifts and makes them have the total Christmas feeling.

I love Christmas!


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