#SWChristmasCampaign – “I love village Christmas.” Alright Eigbe

Earl Eigbe Alright

Alright Eigbe did something different with his entry and we love it! He wrote about his love for Christmas using poetry and it’s not just any Christmas, he loves village Christmas! Beautiful piece 🙂 


I love the smell of harmattan
Early every morning with the tiny little taste of dusts
I love to hear the bang sounds of knock-outs
Even though the police may not like it.

I love to see children attired in masqueraded masks.
Playing in the sand and bush without caution.
I love to see lovers courting in the cool of the evening
In the dark shades and corners.
I love to see my cousins who come home
And to hear grandpa tell all those stories, again and again.

I love to see all the new faces
And meet all the strange girls
And weird boys
and funny relatives too.
I love Christmas.

I love the Hausa goat we buy and kill
Sokoto tall, short or dwarf
Most especially its intestine.
I love the chicken also, most especially when it lays
And wouldn’t mind some duck or guinea fowl too.

I Love Bushmeat –
Grass-cutter and antelope to be particular
With which my mom rocks me
Until I’m fed up.
I also love when our neighbours bring the trays
With beautiful flowered painted ceramics plates.
Fruit and veggies salad could also do.

I love the texture of yellow pounded yam,
Drowned in my favourite omebe
And the taste of pepper soup.
I love the smell of stew and the colour of egusi.
I love Christmas.

I love Bible stories, and I love angels.
I love virgins like Mary and carpenters like Joseph.
I love babies like Jesus and places like stables.
I love God who gave us Jesus. That’s why –
I love Village Christmas.

Thank God Jesus was born
By a virgin, by the lowly, by the humble.
Resurrection came from death,
But death from birth. That’s why –
I love God who gave Jesus and
I love Christmas.

Let nobody stop me from having fun
Let no one condemn me.
The date is not my problem.
The year is not my issue.
All my concern is that
My Saviour was humanly formed and –
My Redeemer was born. That’s why –
I love Christmas.

About Alright

Earl Eigbe Alright

Name: Earl Eigbe Alright
City: Ibadan
Nativity: -Esan, Edo
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: Sex and Relationship Consultant, Legal Practitioner, President of the Alright’s Passion and partner at Graceville Chambers

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