Adesola Ikulajolu – Here’s how to write content that will attract readers


Writing isn’t necessarily tough. The tough part of it is when you have to create content that is compelling enough to read. Getting the attention of your readers means your tactics need to be positioned right.

Here are some practical tips that will help you increase your chances of creating content that will arrest the attention of your readers.

  1. Write eye catchy headlines

You only have seconds to arrest your readers’ interest towards your content. A large percentage of readers do not read articles till the end. The only top secret to getting them glued to your content is writing a title that is eye catchy and appealing enough for clicks.

For you to be a guru in the art of writing catchy titles, you must always try multiple title options for the content you are writing. Remember, practice makes perfect. Doing this will enhance your skill and you will become better at writing titles.

The title you are use should meet up with your readers’ expectation in emotion, intellect and spirit. To achieve this, try to input your content title in the emotional headline analyzer by the brainy beings at Advanced Marketing Institute. You can use it to detect how good your title is.

  1. Start with a catchy introduction

Your readers doesn’t have the whole day to read your content. However, if you write an introductory beginning that cannot be ignored, you will  capture your readers’ attention.

If your introduction is boring, it costs the reader nothing to press the exit button but that won’t be good enough since you have spent so much time working on that content. Here’s how to write the prefect introductory paragraph;

  • Open with a question: The hidden secret here is that you give your readers a sense of belonging in the process of reading your content and they flow with it. As you practice more and more provocative questions for your readers, you will definitely become good at it.

 Take a look at this example,

Do you always marvel at why people don’t read your content?


  • Open with a statement of fact: Using this method will arouse your readers’ curiosity regarding what you have for them in subsequent lines and paragraph.
  1. Use a correct word format

When you write, it is important for you to use the correct format for each word and sentence where necessary. Major headings should be written clearly and all other sub-heads should carry the needed tag.

You must also ensure that you are consistent with your ideas. One idea should not be left unfinished before moving to the next one. 

When determining your sub headings, you can follow the same rules as that of the headline. Remember, anything boring will turn your readers away. Always use formats that will interest your readers in an uncommon way.

  1. Familiarize with your reading audience

Putting in mind the fact that you are writing for your reader, the more you know them, the easier it will be for you to write something they will never ignore. Get to know your audience. 

 About The Writer

Ikulajolu Adesola  is a young writer, reporter and avid reader who loves delivering information and knowledge with creativity and originality alongside timeliness and accuracy. He is devoted to writing, researching and helping others to rise. He has been featured in other magazines and sites.


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