Want to be a phenomenal writer? Here are some qualities you need to have


Hello Sparkle Writers. Have you ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to become the writer of your dreams? We are starting this week with tips on qualities every writer must imbibe to become a phenomenal writer .


A writer needs lots and lots of patience. Different things will test you; clients, writers block or even your readers.

Completing a manuscript also takes time, you can’t afford to rush the project and discover errors later. There will be days you will have to research, other days you may need to observe. There are even times you’d have absolutely nothing to add to your script but that’s not good enough reason to dump the work and move on.

Keep writing. Although it is not always easy, your patience will ultimately pay off.

Attention to detail

A good writer cannot afford to be careless. Sometimes little grammatical errors and omissions can mar a beautiful piece. Learn to pay attention to detail. It would be terrible to write a scene that was set in the morning and along the line you say the event happened around 6 pm. When forming your characters details are necessary. This helps your readers connect more to your story. Good writers can vividly describe their characters, while allowing their readers to see in detail the scene (including locations) they are describing.

A people watcher


You must have heard or read this quote by Judy Blume; “a good writer is always a people watcher.”

This is absolutely true. Writers must be able to observe people, their nuances, cultures and preferences. This does not only give you ideas of what to write but observing people helps you develop your stories properly. Some writers complain of never having the ‘inspiration’ to write, when they are just not paying attention to their environment.

Self motivation

This is extremely necessary. If you want your writing career to last long, you must be self motivated. There will be times when you don’t ‘feel’ like writing but when there is a deadline. You’ve got to deliver and on time.

We want you to be a phenomenal writer and we hope you will begin to exhibit these important qualities. 



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