#GrammarSeries – There’s a difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’



On today’s edition of #GrammarSeries we are talking about the difference between affect and effect. If you didn’t know that there is a difference well today’s post is just for you.

A major difference between these two words is that ‘affect’ is used as a verb and ‘effect’ as  a  noun. Have you noticed this already?

Let’s continue.

Although some people don’t know this, there’s a difference in how these words are pronounced.

‘Affect’ is pronounced /əˈfɛkt/ while ‘effect’ is pronounced /ɪˈfɛkt/. If you have been pronouncing them the same way you should stop that today.

Another difference is in the meaning of the words.

‘Affect’ means ‘to influence’ ‘to make impact’

Look at this example.

The rain affected Harriet’s natural hair


Affect can also mean, roughly, “to act in a way that you don’t feel”

This is an example

She affected an air of superiority.

However, effect means ‘consequence,’ ‘result’ or ‘outcome.’

For example

Her father’s death had no effect on her education. 

We hope this has helped you understand the differences between these words.

Remember to keep your grammar in check.



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