3 tried and tested ways of communicating with your readers


When it comes to blogging and maintaining high traffic to your blog, communication is key.

There are bloggers who have never replied one comment on their blog while others hardly reply social media comments.  This is wrong.

As a blogger you are communicating with readers and when they send comments you’ve got to reply them. Communication is not one-way. If you won’t reply comments you might as well not choose to blog.

If you’re finding it difficult to connect with your readers, these three tried and tested ways will help;


When your readers comment on your articles or posts, don’t ignore them. As much as you can, reply the comments and answer questions if they ask any. This is a great way of forming relationships and communicating. Readers value bloggers who communicate with them. Think about it, why will you comment on a blog post if you knew the blogger will never reply you.

The best thing is to reply comments as soon as you get them and if you can’t, make sure you reply the moment you get a chance to.


This is another great way of communicating with your blog readers. Most bloggers post their email addresses on their site but hardly reply emails sent to them. Readers can ask or say anything in the emails sent and it is you duty to reply them.

If you can’t answer the questions sent, you can direct the reader to someone who can. It is important that your reader doesn’t feel ignored because of your actions.

Answering emails also gives you the opportunity to include a unique ‘signature’ at the bottom of every email. Many bloggers use this as an opportunity to include links to their website and social media profiles. This way, people may be more likely to ‘follow’ you because you spent the time replying to their email.

Social media

Of course we had to add this. Social media is a fantastic way to communicate with your readers. Through social media, they get to see other aspects of you that you may not remember to show on your blog. Instagram for instance is a good way to introduce your readers to the face behind the blog over and over through your various posts.

You can display ‘like’ or ‘follow’ buttons that makes it easier for your readers to connect with you.

In the end it is important to make sure that every opportunity you have to communicate with your reader whether on your blog or outside your blog is properly utilized.


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