This is why writers are so amazing


Some people just don’t know how awesome it is to be a writer. Others feel calling writers awesome is overly used. Well we don’t think so and this morning we just want to celebrate all the writers who are making impact, and touching lives in diverse ways with their words.

Today we want to remind you of the things that makes you amazing as a writer!

Our words are powerful


It is so amazing what we can achieve with our words. So many times we write stuff and put them up on our blog, website or in our books. So many people read this everyday and are entertained, informed or impacted. Some of us have faithful readers who are always waiting for what next we would write because they have benefited greatly from our previous works.

Keep writing because you don’t know whose life will change completely because of your words. Do you know how powerful this makes you?

We are actually quite popular

Let’s admit it. So many people know us. There’s no point in trying to deny it.  Because people read our work every day, they get to love us bit by bit. Some of us may not know it but our readers probably stalk us on social media and want to know more about us. Although we are not as popular as the music stars (yet), we do have our fan base.

We have an amazing family


It is always nice to meet other amazing writers. There’s this bond we share. Most times other people may not understand our inside jokes, struggles and joys. Connect with other writers and  you’ll discover that other writers are lovely too. There is an amazingly supportive community out there. You should connect with them. One way you can do this is by joining the Sparkle Writer’s Network. You can do this here.

Books, Books and more Books!

What writer doesn’t love books? Books are really a blessing. Being a writer is just an excuse to even have more of them.

If you have been frustrated about your writing craft this should encourage you to keep writing!



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