#ChroniclesOfAWriter – Is it really true that you can make money from writing?


“How do you make money from writing? Is it really true?”

That was the message I received from someone a few days ago. I smiled. People have been asking that a lot. I’m not surprised though. These kind of questions are as a result of the limited perception of how to earn a living as a writer.

In previous posts in this series, I have mentioned that writing books and editing them is not the only way to make a living as a writer. I have also written about the other means through which I have made money from writing. The list keeps getting longer and longer as I am approached with new opportunities to make money from my writing skill.

One thing that has really helped me over the years is my ability to research and develop myself. My writing skill has grown in many ways. I am also grateful that I did not box myself into a particular niche. I learnt how to write a wide range of topic areas and that has paid off in recent times. I have written content for companies in diverse industries simply because I didn’t stop learning.

My main advice to you if you want to start making serious money as a writer is to expand your writing skill. If you’re stuck on the level of writing and editing books, you won’t be able to expand to copy-writing and content development which has a lot of money in it.

I have shared before how my friend told me about a popular writer who was paid about $1,000 for writing voice over scripts for a bank. That could be you if you can break away from every limiting belief you have about writing.

When you expand your writing skill, great doors will open for you. As a result of my writing  skill, I have worked on projects for clients within and outside Nigeria. That’s another beautiful thing about writing. You can have access to international clients if you position yourself the right way.

So, you CAN make money as a writer. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you take the right steps and you use certain resources, the money will begin to flow in. On Saturday 27th August, I will be working with 10 writers to show them how they can begin to make money from writing.

This training will not be merely theoretical; I will be teaching tried and tested methods that have worked and are still working for me. One of the aims of the training is to ensure that every writer leaves with a solid game plan that they can begin to implement in order to expand their capacity to earn.

I encourage you to register. Stop complaining that writing has not been profitable for you or that people do not take you seriously because you are a writer. All that can change.

If you are ready to make the big leap and begin to enjoy the rewards of writing, register for The Sparkle Writer’s Course which costs N20, 000 by sending an email to thesparklewritershub@gmail.com. It will be worth every kobo you spend! 🙂

See you next week!


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