#WordOfTheDay – This word is often pronounced wrongly


What is a writing blog without a #WordOfTheDay segment where you can improve your vocabulary? We hope every post in this segment has helped you to learn new words and improve the quality of your writing.

Today we are focusing on a word that is often pronounced or spelt wrongly.

It is Inculcate /ˈɪnkʌlkeɪt/ not Inconcate.

Inculcate means to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly.

This word also means to fix something firmly in somebody’s mind through frequent or forceful repetition.

Here are some examples;

Valley High School tries to inculcate good manners in their students

When my daughter refused to eat I realized I had failed to inculcate good eating habits in her.

Next time you use this word, we know you’ll use it correctly.


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