New Book Alert – Get a copy of Manuel Desola’s Detour to Glory


Hey Sparkle Writers! We have another book for you to lay your hands on today. It’s called ‘Detour to Glory‘ and it was written by Desola Manuel.

Detour to Glory is about man’s journey to greatness. Sometimes this journey, road to glory as the author calls it, is not as smooth or direct as we would want it to be. There are unanticipated bends and turns that come up in various forms; delay, disappointments, heartbreaks and so on.

Despite all the detours of life, the author believes that the important thing is to arrive at your destination of glory and this will depend on how you handle your detour experience. Trials should in no way hinder or stop your greatness.

As you read Detour to Glory, you will discover the best way to respond when you experience detours and how to come out triumphantly through the biblical story of Joseph.

You can purchase a copy of Detour to Glory from the Iamdynamite Bookstore by calling this number – 08054444795 or sending an email to book is also available on Okada Books

About the Author


Manuel Desola is a writer, poet, and the winner of the first Lacasera Apple Story. He has great interest in life, relationship and personal growth. He finds fulfilment in expressing his mind and he shares inspirational insight on everyday life issues on his blog which is aimed at encouraging his readers to do more and achieve more. Desola holds a degree in Political Science. You can follow him on Twiter and Instagram  – @manueladesola and add him as a friend on Facebook – Adesola Ogunmuyiwa.


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