4 simple ways to create shareable content on your blog


Hello Sparkle Writers. We hope by now you are comfortable with running your blog. We also hope that you have found the blogging experience interesting.

One thing that must be on your mind right now is how you can create engaging content that can be shared easily by your readers and followers.

Creating shareable content is not as difficult as you think. With the tips we will share today, we know you will be able to create content that your readers will love and share.

Here are 4 simple ways you can do it;

Be ahead of your competition

You weren’t expecting to see this as number one right? Creating sharable content requires a little bit of creativity. Do your research. Find out what your competitors are doing. Are there any gaps? What have they missed? What are their readers saying about their content? Use the answers you get to stay ahead of your competition and give what they are not offering


Be incredibly good

If you want your post to be shared by many, make sure it is incredibly good! When you write good content, it will speak for itself. People will share it willingly and it will draw in much traffic with minimal effort on your part.

Wondering how you can write incredibly good posts? Be original. Be creative and as we said earlier, be a step ahead of your competition.

Tell a compelling story

We love stories. Stories appeal to the imagination and the connect your readers to you. When you tell a compelling story that people can relate with, you’ll discover that they will share your content willingly.

Learn and master the art of storytelling. It will do wonders for your site traffic.


Be irresistible

If you want people to share your content, it must be irresistible. For it to be irresistible, your readers must derive some value from it. It must meet a need or solve a problem that you have.

To achieve this, you must be a good listener. What do your readers want? What are their concerns? What are their frustrations? As you listen, creatively think of ways to develop content that will be valuable to your readers.

Go ahead and start creating awesome content for your blog Sparkle Writers!


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