#GrammarSeries – We bet you make this mistake frequently


Welcome to another Grammar class. You’re probably wondering what mistake we are referring to in today’s headline. We’ll go straight to the point.

It is very easy for us to make comparisons whether we are talking or writing. Look at this sentence carefully and see if you can identify anything wrong with it.

My bag is stronger, bigger and cheaper.

Did you find anything?

What is your bag stronger, bigger or cheaper than? What are you comparing your bag to?

This is a grammatical error and it is called an incomplete comparison. When you are comparing something to another thing, make sure your readers know what you are comparing it to.

For example the above sentence would be correct if you say

My bag is stronger, bigger and cheaper than Sola’s bag.

Consider it something that must be balanced. Don’t make you readers start imagining what it is you are referring to. Tell them.


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