#StopTheCliche – Just find other alternatives

Man shouting with chalk speech bubble

Today’s topic says it all. The phrases we’re highlighting on today’s post just need to go. The only option you have is to find alternatives to use in sentences or articles.

In a bid to describe people, some phrases have been battered by consistent use and have lost their shine. These phrases are our focus today;

  • Fit as a fiddle – This is used to describe a person in a good shape but we’re not sure the phrase is in good shape. It has been used countless number of times and needs to rest. There are other ways to tell that a person is fit.
  • As brave as a lion – We do not know anyone who has not heard this before. This phrase describes a very brave person. Although lions are quite brave, we are sure you could find other ways of saying this.
  • As meek as a lamb – If you want to say a cliché to describe a person who is too weak and humble you don’t always have to say ‘he is as meek as a lamb.’ Why don’t you simply say ‘he is unassuming’ or ‘he is a modest man.’

What other phrases do you think should be on this list? Leave your answers in the comments box.


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