#GrammarSeries – Every writer’s approach to grammar should look like this


How many good writers have you seen with zero knowledge about grammar? Do you know any writer who doesn’t care about grammar rules? We doubt it. Everyone who wants to build a career in writing has to have proper command of the language of communication. If yours is English you need to know a few things about grammar to write well.

So what should every writer’s attitude to grammar look like?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask. You cannot know it all in one day. When you are in doubt, ask. It is better to be sure of what you are doing than make a grammatical mistake in your article. This could ruin your entire work. You can use the dictionary or ask other writers but make sure you ask.
  • Refresh your knowledge. The fact that you learnt something six years ago doesn’t mean you will remember everything about it. Take time to read about basic grammar rules and remind yourself of what you already know.



  • Proof read your work every time. No matter how good you are with grammar, you are not above mistakes. Make sure you read through your work to ensure that you have corrected the little mistakes that may have sneaked into your work. Your work should be flawless.
  • Read good and bad books. As a writer you need to read books (good or bad) and try to find errors. You may not find any in the good books but you will be training your eyes to spot errors as quickly as possible. When you find errors correct and learn from them.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Keep writing and keep sparkling!


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