The Sparkle Interview – Lyght Consult is igniting a passion to read among children and young adults


We’re pretty excited about today’s Sparkle interview with Lyght Consult Limited, an organisation committed to encouraging the development of good reading habits in the society through events and strategic partnerships. Read more about the great work Lyght Consult is doing in our interview with them.

Can you briefly tell us what Lyght Consult is about?

Lyght Consult Limited is the Human Resources Management arm of Lyght Investments Group. At the core of what we do is the provision of Human Resource solutions in its entirety from trainings to management consulting, hiring etc. The innovation and dynamism of our skilled and passionate workforce is what keeps the wheel of forward advancement spinning.

You organize book swap events; can you tell us what inspired this?

Well, the March 2016 Book Swap Event is the first book swap event we have organized however it is not the first reading-related event we have done. A planned, deliberate attempt to improve the reading culture in Nigeria is what inspired the Book Swap event and all the other events we have organized. Lyght Consult Limited identified the challenge with improving the reading culture especially in rural areas where school libraries are ill-equipped or non-existent. So the Book Swap event was organized to get well-meaning Nigerians to donate books to establish a library this time for Durumi LEA primary school, behind Mpape Hills and subsequently other schools as God gives us grace.

How many of these events have you organized and what has the reception been like?

As we earlier mentioned, this is the first book swap we have organized but not the first reading-related event. The Book Fair held in July of 2015 was the first and the reception, acceptance and support we received both from institutions and individuals has been very encouraging. The 2015 Book Fair which was tagged “Readers are Learners: Are you a Learner” was commended and supported by the Czech Embassy, the Federal Ministry of Education, National Library of Nigeria, FCT National Association of Private Proprietors of Schools, Secondary Education Board, Indomie, Sterling bank, Airtel, 99.9 Kiss FM Abuja, Capital City Magazine; to mention only a few.

How were you able to get people to donate books for the event?

Publicity! On social media; WOM (Word of Mouth) within our networks. Publicity, repeatedly just aptly describes how we got the general public’s support.

What factors would you say are responsible for the decline of the reading culture in the country?

As discussed in a session of the book swap event, there are a couple of reasons for this decline and they range from poor reading materials to individual laziness. We also talked about the chase or rat race as it is more commonly put; everyone is too busy trying to make ends meet to make out time to read to model the behaviour and encourage children/wards to do same.

How do you think the reading culture in Nigeria can be improved?

There is an urgent need to raise awareness about the decline and also to “Catch them Young”. If we start now to create awareness and be deliberate about inculcating a reading habit in little children, they would grow with the habit and live with it. Statistics have shown that Nigerian adults that like to read started the habit of reading at an early age. A little less television and gadgets and a little more books! This job however cannot be foisted on teachers, schools or the education sector, parents have to be actively involved; they’re the most primary of primary caregivers and the first examples children learn from.

In what ways will Lyght Consult help to improve the reading culture?

As we have been doing, we would keep on raising awareness and encouraging the development of a good reading habit at an early stage. We would also create platforms for idea-sharing for stakeholders in the educational sector. In line with these, we are organizing the International Book Summit in October, a platform for all stakeholders to interface and discuss the way forward for the educational sector as a whole. By stakeholders we mean education administrators which include but are not limited to the minister of education as well as directors in all the education ministries and sub-ministries like SUBEB, LEA, SEB etc, the lawmakers, who are charged with the duty of coming up with innovative legislation to upgrade the sector, the school proprietors and teachers who perform the education function itself, parents, and of course the children too.

What has been Lyght Consult’s major achievement since inception?

Lyght Consult Limited has held trainings within and outside the shores of Nigeria for both the private and the public sector. As a Human Resource Management firm we have, on many occasions, provided our clients with innovative solutions tailor-made to meet their needs. Every project we have undertaken or executed since inception has for us a major achievement and improving the reading culture of Nigeria is one of such achievements.

Can you tell us about the International Book Summit 2016? What is the aim of the event?


The Lyght Consult Limited International Book Summit happening 25th – 27th of October 2016 is themed Today’s Readers: Tomorrow’s Leaders and the main objectives are:

  • To ignite a passion to read among children and young adults and showcase the ingenuity of the Nigerian child.
  • Create a platform to do a thorough assessment of the educational sector inclusive of policies, challenges, best practice, curriculum, teacher’s roles as well as technology and its effect on teaching and learning.
  • To provide a platform for parents and guardians to interface with policy makers and administrators in the educational sector, receive and give feedback on issues as it affects their children; as well as access educational materials for their children and themselves.
  • To create awareness on the importance of education for the girl child and highlight the educational challenges faced by children in the North East and proffer solutions.

The summit which is a three-day event will include Workshops, Seminars, Spelling Bee competition for primary and secondary schools, Book Fair, Schools Exhibition and an e-Book fair.

If people are interested in being a part of what you do, how can they get involved?

You can email us at or call us on 08120922211 or 08120924141.

What should we expect from Lyght Consult in the next 5 years?

Excellence, dynamism, innovation; that puts us on the top rung of the Human Resource Management ladder.


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