This post will help you overcome your fear of writing



How many writers can boldly say that they have never experienced fear in their writing career? Whether it is the fear of not having anything to say or how to connect with our readers, it seems writers always have something to worry about. New writers sometimes worry about how to transform their ideas into finished works. Others hate to feel vulnerable and as a result hide salient details that could make the article come alive.

Should all this stop you from writing? Definitely not. These tips will help you to overcome fear of writing;

Take risks. We love the slogan ‘do it afraid’. There will always be something to fear but still we have to write. Write through the fear. The worst that can happen is that nobody will read it. At least you would have learnt what not to write. It is said that you can edit a bad page but can’t edit a blank page.

Talk about your fears. It is easy to say, ‘I am the only one who understands how I feel’ but this is not always so. There are so many other writers struggling with fear. Speaking out will give you the help and confidence to move on. Do not suffer in silence. Sometimes it is comforting to know that we are not alone.

Stop the comparison. If you keep focusing on how fantastic the next writer is you may lose sight of your worth. Avoid comparing yourself to other writers. You are not like them. You will not write like them. Your style will make you stand out. There is nothing wrong with admiring someone else’s work but trying to write just like your writing mentor may not help you find your own writing voice. You have to grow and be comfortable in your voice.

Don’t underestimate your message. It is easy to feel what you have to say doesn’t matter. This is NOT true. Your message is important and the world needs to read it.

Let go of the fear and start writing today.



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