#WordOfTheDay – Have you heard this word already?

Word with scrabble blocks

Can you guess what word we are talking about today? It shares similar meaning with accustom, familiarize, naturalize and toughen. Have you gotten any ideas yet?

The word is inure /ɪˈnjʊə,ɪˈnjɔː/. Inure means to get accustomed to something, especially something unpleasant, over a long period of time that he or she is no longer upset by it.

Another meaning of the word is to habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection.

Let’s use this word in a few sentences

  • After raising three dramatic daughters my mother is inured to children’s tantrums
  • The speaker said violence on television does not inure children from violence in real life.

Try to form sentences using this word in the comment box.


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