Chronicles of a Writer – From being clueless to becoming an intern


Hello Sparkle Writers! Welcome to another installment of the Chronicles of a Writer series. Today, I am going to tell you how my interview went with the second partner of YNaija. If you haven’t been following the series, please read the previous posts so that you can have a better understanding of the events I will narrate today.

After being shocked at the news that I passed the first interview (really wasn’t expecting that), I hurried to send Tara an update. She was happy. She asked about TW but I didn’t hear back from them. I wasn’t worried about it because I was very close to starting an internship at YNaija.

Again, I didn’t really know how to prepare. So I spent hours going through the YNaija website just to familiarise myself with all they do. I was already hooked on their 30 Days 30 Voices series but I didn’t read other things on their site. The day of the interview came and I got to the office early. After a while, Mr Jideonwo came out with one of his staff and I accompanied them to another location. That was where the interview was conducted. It really wasn’t a typical interview. It was more of a conversation with lots of laugher. Anyone who has met Mr Jideonwo will know that he has a bubbly personality.

After talking for an hour or so, and I also watched him conduct other YNaija related business, he asked me to start the next day. I wasn’t expecting to start so soon! But I couldn’t say no so I just smiled and thanked him for the opportunity. He told me that although the internship was unpaid, I would be getting a monthly stipend to cover my transportation costs. I was really grateful for this because I knew my mum would not be impressed with this step I was taking and asking her for money would have been a totally bad idea.

When I left the venue of the interview that day my mind was racing. “Are you really ready for this?” I didn’t know what to expect but I knew life as I knew it was about to change. When I got home, I immediately sent Tara an update and she was very happy. I look back now and I am really grateful for the step she took. She monitored the entire process until I actually got the internship.

Now that I had the internship in the bag, I had to prepare for my first day at work. As you can guess, I didn’t know how to prepare but I got my clothes ready as well as my writing journal and a pen. Resumption time was 8 am and I think I got to the office around 7. 30 am. I had to wait until the Sub-Editor arrived and she took me to the HR Officer who briefed me about the terms and conditions of my employment. I was taken round the office and was introduced to the other staff. After all that was done, it was show time!

How did I cope on my first day at work? Did the skills I had back then measure up to what was required to become a successful commercial writer? You’ll find out next week.


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