#GrammarSeries- The right way to use an apostrophe



Are you excited to learn something new today? We will be dealing with apostrophes. How many times have you been confused on whether an apostrophe was meant to be in a particular sentence? We hope it won’t happen again after reading this.

RULE 1– If the noun is in its singular form, or does not end with the letter ‘s’ add – ‘s.

Look at these examples

This is Mr. Adebola’s car.

Your laptop’s screen is broken.

RULE2– If the noun is in its plural form but does not end with an s add –‘s

Look at this example

My children’s holiday will soon be over

RULE 3– Do not use apostrophe ‘s to make a regular noun plural.

Regular nouns are nouns that form their plurals by adding either the letter s or -es

For example

You do not say Apostrophe’s are confusing. The correct sentence is Apostrophes are confusing.

RULE 4If the noun is plural and ends in -s, add only an apostrophe.

The clowns’ shoes protruded from the window of the Volkswagen.

Please note that it is important to place an apostrophe outside the word in question. If the word ends with‘s’ just add the apostrophe outside the word.

For example, you don’t say Davie’s car is parked outside. You say;

Davies’ car is parked outside.

 We hope you now have a better understanding of how to use apostrophes.


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