This is how to write through difficult moments


Writing through difficult moments can be tough. How exactly are you supposed to find the strength or courage to write about difficult moments in your life? How do you write when the thought of writing itself drags you into a past you prefer to pretend never happened. The truth is you cannot avoid writing in moments of pain and difficult emotions. Whether you need to write a book, a post or an article, you will need to summon up courage and write.

If you ever have to write about something painful, these tips will help:

  1. Remember your readers have blood flowing in their veins. You are not writing to robots who probably do not know what it feels like to have hopes dashed or dreams thwarted. A reasonable number of people will connect to your story and understand what you felt at that point. Most people are looking for writers who can connect with them on a personal level. It gives a different relationship between the reader and writer when a writer goes deep.
  1. Learn from the experience. There are some emotions that you should let go of and writing will help you to do that because it is therapeutic. You should not always shy away from pouring out your heart. Doing so will help you to gain control over what happened and help you to move on. Once you bare it all out, go back, edit ruthlessly then move on. If you feel bad about a heartbreak write about it and bare your thoughts. You will empty yourself of the pain to a large extent.
  1. Turn a deaf ear. Humans can be quite funny. You may get nasty comments from people but this shouldn’t drag you back into the past. Turn a deaf ear and move forward.
  1. You don’t have to. There is no rule that says you must write about your pain. If you do not feel like you are ready just forget it. Some people need time to get back on their feet before they start sharing their experiences with other people. If you feel like you are not ready to handle the pressure yet leave it for a while and go back to it later. There s no rush.

Let us know if this post helps you in writing through that difficult moment


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