#StopTheCliche – If you keep using this word, it will die


The rate at which people use this word whether or not it is needed is becoming rather alarming. Wondering what word we are referring to?  It is ‘so’.

For your information, ‘so’ is not just a conjunction indicating the reason for an action or situation, it can also serve as an adverb, indicating that what is true of one person or thing is also true of another person or thing. You can use this word to lay emphasis too.

Apart from it being the only conjunction some people use, others just find the slightest excuse to include it in their articles.

Depending on what you want to say, here are a few alternatives to this word: accordingly, as a result, consequently, hence, in respect to, likewise, extremely, exceptionally, extraordinarily, strikingly, subsequently, terribly, therefore, thence  thus, under these circumstances, whence.


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