Always going crazy because of a deadline? You can avoid it


How many times has your heart skipped a beat when you remember that your deadline is close and your manuscript is not anywhere near finished? So many writers become a shadow of themselves and almost go crazy when the deadline is near and the work is far from done.

This should not be. Want to know how to avoid going crazy because of deadlines? Keep reading.

Plan ahead. Schedule your work and make a list of all the things you have to write with the deadlines beside each task. Place this schedule where you can always read it. This is simple trick but it is often ignored.

Avoid procrastination. When you have work to do, do it. Procrastination kills time and stresses you out. You will eventually have to do that work you have put aside at a less convenient time.

Take one day at a time. Break down your projects into smaller tasks. You may not be able to write an entire book in a day but you can start writing the first chapter today. If it is an article you can start by thinking of what you want to write. Once this is done, make an outline and schedule when you want to add flesh to the outline. Take one little step at a time and avoid distractions or getting overwhelmed.

Do all you possibly can not to miss a deadline. Editors do not appreciate writers who always have the finest excuses as to why they couldn’t meet up. If you want to be seen as a professional writer, avoid excuses. .

There are other ways of meeting deadlines, can you share some of yours with us?


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