#WordOfTheDay – What it means to maul


Hey there Sparkle Writer!

We hope you are getting on fine with your 2016 writing goals? One of our goals this year is to teach you a new word every week. So look out for #WordOfTheDay every Wednesday to learn a new word. 

Today, the word we want to teach you is ‘Maul’. You may or may have not heard that word before. Or you have heard it but you’re not sure of the exact meaning of the word. We’ll go right ahead to tell you what the word means. 

MAUL (verb). If someone is mauled by an animal, it means the person has been violently attacked by it and badly injured.

To maul also means to criticize something or someone severely.

It also means to defeat handily


  • The dog went berserk and mauled one of the girls.
  • Both films were mauled by the critics
  • The home team was mauled in the season opener.

SYNONYMS – Attack, mutilate, lacerate, defeat, criticize

Now that you have learnt this word, do not forget to write it down somewhere. We would suggest that you have a vocabulary book where you can write all the new words you learn. 

Keep sparkling!


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