#PickOfTheWeek – 8 writing goals you should have for the year


Every new year comes with a desire to achieve something new. Now is the time to take your writing game a step higher and these 8 writing goals will help you to achieve just that.

1. Write at least 500 words every day. This can be an article or a short story. Just write consistently.

2. Keep a record of everything thing you write to monitor your progress. If you fail to write on a particular day, write two articles the next day.

3. Spread your work. Post it online. Look for specific blogs or magazines you like and send your work to them. Become more visible.

4. Attend a writer’s training or seminar. You will be glad you did.

5. Learn a new word every day. Have a place where you write down these new words.

6. Network with other writers both online and offline. Leave comments on their blog or have conversations with them on social media at least once a week.

7. Read at least one book every month.

8. Contact The Sparkle Writers Hub for mentoring and coaching to increase your chances of achieving your writing goals this year.

What writing goals do you have for 2016? Do drop a comment or share via social media. 


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