Want to become a better writer in 2016? You need to do this



Welcome to 2016 Sparkle Writers! 

The holidays are over and a new year is upon us. 2016 is an opportunity to achieve and surpass all the goals you couldn’t achieve last year. 

Have you sat down to determine the path you want your career to go this year? To do this, you have to ask yourself these questions:

  • In what ways do I plan to polish my skills this year?
  • What are my writing projects for the year?
  • How many books do I want to read this year?
  • What new writing opportunities do I want to maximize this year?
  • Do I need to go for trainings, seminars or workshops on writing?

You cannot simply wish to become a better writer. Your decisions and actions prove whether you truly want to be better or not. Change is a deliberate attempt. Like Mark Udall said, “You never climb a mountain by accident, it has to be deliberate.”

Be deliberate and specific about how you want your writing to look like this year and follow through with those decisions. There is nothing more pitiful than a long list of beautiful plans and no action to make them come true. So be specific with what you want. Don’t just say I want to write better; how do you want to do it? Do you want to write more engaging articles? Do you want to learn how to write about more spectacular topics? What exactly do you want to do better?

Refresh your knowledge on the writing basics no matter how much of a professional you are. If the foundation is destroyed there is little you can do to become better.


Identify if you need support to help you achieve some of these goals. You may need somebody to coach you on how to write more engaging articles or how to get more writing jobs this year. Find that person! At Sparkle Writer’s Hub, we have experts ready to help you make your writing better.

In 2016, manage your time wisely; don’t allow distractions during your sacred writing periods.  Focus and get the best out of those moments. Do not procrastinate and write as much as you can,

Break new writing grounds. If you have been writing only one article per day, write two this year. This may seem really difficult at first, but it is only because you are not used to it. After a consistent period of doing it you will find it easier.

Did you struggle last year to write or finish a book?  Make it a priority to do so this year. Ensure that all these goals have feasible timelines and review them regularly.

Here’s to phenomenal writing in 2016.

Keep sparkling!


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