This is how to write a captivating opening paragraph

by Adedotun Adejoorin


Don’t you just love a great opening line? It immediately draws you into another world, created by the writer. You feel like you are on a journey hence, you want to dig into the article as quickly as possible.

A captivating opening line allows you to take your readers to wherever you want. Sadly, not so many writers write great opening lines. Want to learn how? You need to do these four things;

1) Decide what you to achieve with your writing. Do you want to answer a question, relate an experience, or just make people laugh? Your opening paragraph should give us a sneak peek into what your article wants to achieve. So before you start writing, determine the purpose of the article.

2) Engage your reader. From your very first sentence, you must engage your reader right. Get your reader interested from the beginning of your article. A bad opening line will cause your reader to lose interest. Think of your first paragraph as a hook with which you want to draw your reader into your world. Your first paragraph should leave them craving for more.

3) Use facts, quotes, humor. You can use intriguing facts, thought provoking questions, provocative quotes or humor to begin your article. The aim is to make your reader know how interesting or important the information you want to pass to them is. When you start with a striking opening line, it becomes difficult for them to drop your work.

4) Re-write. After you have finished your work, go back to the opening paragraph and read it again. Does it still sound right? Does it accurately introduce your article to your reader? If it does not suit what you have written then you should change it.

A great paragraph will create an instant interest in your work. Do not forget the supporting sentences and when you are done, go back to the introductory paragraph and re-write it again. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Share some of your opening lines with us. We will be glad to read them.




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