3 reasons why you need to find your niche

by Adedotun Adejoorin


Sports, business, technology, health and wellness, faith…what is your niche? A niche relates to the kind of content you will focus on as a writer instead of just writing about any and everything (which we don’t suggest you should do). Whatever you want to specialize in is totally up to you.

Have you ever been asked what your niche is as a writer and you went blank? Here are three reasons why you need to find your niche right now;

1. You’ll be more productive. Finding your niche is really important because it helps you become more productive. Overtime you get more familiar with the tiny little details in that field because you learn more, know more and can give more. You will probably get more work done because you focus on a particular industry.

2. You’ll develop expertise and become an authority. When you focus on content from the same industry, you will develop expertise in that field. You will become familiar with the industry and it will be easy to keep up with new trends. Finding your niche and sticking to it as much as possible also helps you speak more confidently about your area of specialization as time goes on.


3. To build your portfolio. Focusing on a particular industry will help you build your portfolio which in turn will help you to become more visible to potential customers. When customers see that you focus on their industry they become more interested in working with you because you will be taken as a professional, one who knows his onions. Overtime you will have a lot of work to show to your clients when you have to pitch for a new job.

So if you do not know what your niche is yet, we advise you find out. You can send us an email (thesparklewritershub@gmail.com) and we’ll help you to discover your niche

Keep Sparkling!


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