Wondering why people don’t read your posts? This may be the reason

by Adedotun Adejoorin 


How does it feel when it seems no publisher, editor or even prospective reader likes your article? Terrible right? It is even worse when there is no reason attached to it.

There are so many reasons why your manuscript or article can be rejected and because we care, we have compiled a few of those reasons so you can be aware of them and use them to your advantage.


  1. Wrong Market. Every writer has a market which he or she writes for. Your market is the crop of people who will be interested in your writing. So if your work is meant for artisans and you give it to a publisher of a campus magazine, it is very likely that it will be rejected. We advise that you evaluate your writing style, determine who your audience is and align your writing and submissions accordingly. It doesn’t matter how good your writing is, if it is for the wrong market it will always get rejected. You should never put square pegs in round holes.
  1. Too many errors. This could be quite annoying! One of the things a writer can do to get their work immediately rejected is by submitting it with too many errors, especially the avoidable ones. Go over your work and if possible send it to an editor. Do not write ‘the sheeps left the shed in the night’ please! Publishers are very busy and seeing so many avoidable errors in your work makes you look unprofessional and lazy. Sparkle Writers can help in editing your work. We’ll give it the professional touch!


  1. Boring article. This is a NO NO; any time, any day. Nobody is interested in reading boring articles. Life is already hard enough. Janet Reid a literary agent said that it takes her 15 seconds to determine whether or not she is interested in a particular manuscript. Hence your story has to GRAB the attention of the reader right from the start.
  1. Unauthentic article. If your article does not seem real or authentic to the publisher it will be rejected. That is why you need to be real. There is no need trying to reproduce another man’s work. “If I feel like I have read something like this before, why should I continue reading it?” That is how your readers think.


  1. Wrong timing. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. You probably submitted your article when the company was going through financial hardship and they just did not have the capacity to publish it. Or maybe they just accepted a story similar to yours and they do not need another for now.

Whatever the reason for the rejection, remember that it is NOT the end of the world. Keep writing. Your work will gain traction sooner or later.



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