5 struggles that every writer understands

Being a writer can be rewarding. There is a feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally write that one post that goes viral or you get that feedback from someone telling you how much your words touched their lives. Those are awesome moments. But there moments that are not too awesome, when the struggle is quite real.

Here are 5 struggles every writer will understand:

  1. Getting people to understand that you are not just loafing around. Honestly, if we get a penny for how many times people thought we were ‘jobless’ and had all the time in the world to do nothing, we’d be rich by now.

Struggles of a writer

2. Spending precious minutes just staring at a blank word document. The deadline is looming. You know it but the words are not just coming out. You stare at the blank screen hoping, through some form of miracle, that the words will automatically appear in that word document. The struggle to write!

Struggles of a writer

3. Justifying why you should be paid a certain amount. Isn’t it just to write a few lines of copy? An ordinary blog post costs that much? “If it was that ordinary, why don’t you write it?” Sadly, we can’t say this to any client. You just smile and try to justify why it costs that much.

4. The moment you ask yourself “What exactly am I doing?” This moment comes in the life of every writer when you realize your peers are way ahead of you and it looks like you’re barely getting by. You begin to question this whole writing thing.

5. Waiting for that big moment when you break even. The joy of every writer; the moment when you actually smile to the bank. The moment when one check settles your bills for the next three months. We all look forward to such moments.

What other struggles have you had to deal with as a writer? Do share with us 🙂


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